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Academic Achievement

We provide students with resources to improve their academic performance. We inform students on how their performance in the classroom can have a major impact on their futures after High School. We also encourage students to challenge themselves so they can be great candidates for major opportunities in the future.



We promote leadership skills and cultivate these qualities within our members. We are striving to build the leaders of the next generation, and our members have many opportunities to showcase their leadership skills through various projects and activities.


Community Involvement

We strive to be active within the community through seminars, volunteer work, and outreach. Our primary goal is to make every member a more valuable asset to society. We are trying to cultivate and promote members that want to create great change in their respective communities. Members have multiple opportunities to participate in service projects that will provide them with a feeling of gratitude and appreciation for what they have been granted throughout their lives. 

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Join Mission:Scholarship Remind by texting @egd3kd to 81010 or send an email to missionscholarship1@gmail.com explaining your interest. 

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