Building a "Stand-Out" Activity


A "Stand out" activity should be an activity that requires great time, effort, and dedication. This activity should potentially be geared towards your interest of study, community service, or anything that sparks your excitement about learning. This activity will be the centerpiece of your application and will most likely be the first listed activity on your college/scholarship application. 

Tips for a great "Stand Out" Activity

  • Try to "create" something. College and scholarship admission committees love to see students that take the initiative and start something in their communities. Whether it is a business, volunteer project, or social movement, starting your own initiative will showcase to college/scholarship committees that you have the potential to create a major impact in the world going forward. 
  • Try to "excel" at something. For example, let's say you are a clarinet player and you have loved that instrument since you were little. Consider entering yourself in musical competitions where you could potentially win awards for your expertise with the clarinet. You could even consider giving clarinet lessons to younger students that will highlight your dedication to your community and your excellence with the clarinet. 
  • This activity should be something that gets you out of bed every morning. This should not be an activity that you are completing just for the sake of college admissions. 
  • A "Stand Out" Activity could even be something as simple as tutoring underprivileged children in a subject of your expertise or becoming a manager at a job that you need to assist your parents with the bills.