"Unique Projects"

What are these Mission: Scholarship Unique Projects?

It is crucial for a student to stand out amongst the crowd when applying to college, specifically top-notch colleges. Colleges and universities are looking for students that are completing extracurricular activities that a normal teenager would not likely complete. This displays to them that you are an ambitious teenager who is not afraid to take initiative and be different from the rest of the applicants. Members in this organization are recommended to participate in one of the unique projects within Mission: Scholarship because the benefits are plentiful. Students will be able to display their talents and abilities, boost their resume, and broaden their horizons in different career fields. 


Mission: Scholarship UniquE PROJECT COMMITTEES

Anti-Bullying Event Committee


Ø  Dedicated to promoting inclusiveness and acceptance among students

Ø  Focuses on events for elementary school students 

Ø  Promotes how students can fight bullying and become proud of being their true authentic self

Ø  Responsible for coordinating events for National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, and other major bullying prevention weeks. 

Ø  Has the task of potentially overseeing a Mission: Scholarship chapter in elementary schools

Mental Health Awareness Committee


Ø  Dedicated to promoting mental health awareness in teenagers

Ø  Attacks the stigma of mental health awareness in teenagers 

Ø  Responsible for raising money for “Helping Hand Fundraiser” 

Ø  Responsible for coordinating events for World Mental Health Day (OCT 10th) and other major mental health awareness weeks (Host mental health forum)

Ø  Fights to making mental health awareness for minorities a social norm

Youths in Business Committee


Ø  Hosts events pertaining to teaching and informing students on the basics of entrepreneurship

Ø  Responsible to promoting the event and searching for entrepreneurs that will volunteer at the event

Ø  People in this committee will receive updates on ways to get involved in the business profession

Ø  Implement a potential minority wall street in that celebrates teen entrepreneurs and students who perform well in the business pathway at their respective high school.

"Kyndall" Program Committee


Ø  Upperclassmen will assist underclassmen in their transition through high school by explaining to them how they can get involved

Ø  High school students will serve as a mentor for middle school students in their respective communities

Ø  Coordinate tutoring opportunities, study groups, test prep sessions, etc.

Special Needs Events Committee


Ø  Dedicated to making special needs students feel like a member of the general population (in schools)

Ø  Coordinate special needs college seminars for students and parents (Emory, KSU, GA Southern)

Ø  Hosts special needs field day event and trunk-or-treat event

Ø  Develops an outline for a potential special needs community formal

St. Monica Drive Committee


Ø  This clothing and supplies drive will clothe and help educate dozens of young boys and girls in Kenya at a catholic orphanage (St. Monica)

Ø  Responsible for the promotion of this clothing and supplies drive

Ø  Responsible for reaching the fifty pounds of clothes and supplies goal!