Our Motivation

Who we are


In 2016, Mission: Scholarship began as a hub for students of underrepresented groups to be informed about the scholarship (merit aid) process and how to save money for their post-secondary education. It was also designed for students to prepare for the college admissions process due to the lack of information being at service to them. Mission: Scholarship has since evolved and has grown into something much larger than ever expected. Mission: Scholarship has changed its primary goal to not just providing information about college admissions and scholarships but also to explain to students that pursuing their passions is the way to stand out in the college admissions process. Mission: Scholarship is dedicated to promoting academic achievement and leadership in the community, where members will have the opportunity to pursue numerous opportunities where they can showcase their skills and develop leadership qualities. Mission: Scholarship does this by creating an environment where students of all races and ethnicities can grow and develop as individuals, both academically and personally. Mission: Scholarship is working to ensure that all students that are a part of this organization will be successful post-graduation no matter their class rank or GPA. We are more than that. We are more than a number. We are ambitious leaders that will eventually be in control of how this world will run. No student should ever have to feel like they aren’t smart enough to be successful and reach their full potential! It doesn’t matter if a student goes to the top private school in the state or the worst public school in the state, they deserve to reach their desired goals and pleasures.