College readiness

Mission: Scholarship College Readiness

The college application process may can seem like a daunting task that you're not ready for. However, with a little bit of support and guidance, you will be knocking the admissions process out the park. Remember that it will all work out in the end!

Picking A College

Selecting a college or university is one of the first major decisions that you will make as you begin your adult life. It is important to choose an institution that will allow you to grow as an individual in every way. It is also very important that you choose the institution that places you in the best possible situation to succeed. This may include career opportunities/placement, opportunities to Double Major, combined degree programs, accelerated degree programs, and much more. Your college experience is what you make of it and you want to walk out of those four years with a quality education and with as little debt as possible. Also, remember that when you go to college you are investing in yourself and your future. However, the most crucial thing to remember is that experience matters. The connections you make in college with take you farther than any degree will ever be able to. You also want to enjoy being young and having different experiences that will help you learn as much about yourself as possible.

How to become a more qualified applicant

There is no set formula for getting into college. To become a competitive applicant, you need to meet or exceed your desired institution’s requirements in some way. You can meet or exceed those requirements through your GPA, Test Scores, or Extracurricular Activities. You also need to stand out!

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College Readiness

Mission: Scholarship's Tips and Hints

·  It is not too late to raise your GPA! (FOR SENIORS) Don’t be afraid of honors classes!

·  There are many schools that look for passion over your academic achievement.

·  Attempt to raise your SAT or ACT. Ask your teachers for help!

·  Complete Unique Extracurricular Activities. Activities that will make admissions officers say “Wow!"

·  Quizlet and Spark Notes are your friends! Great Notes for standardized tests and core classes. 

·  Show passion through your extracurricular activities.

·  Just because a 70 is “passing” doesn’t mean that should be your goal. Average grades are for average goals! 

·  Holistic Review is very prominent in college admissions. Holistic review is when colleges consider a numerous number of factors such as extracurricular activities, essays, personality, etc. They will base your admission decision on all these factors. 

·  No college degree is more valuable than a determined, ambitious individual. Believe in yourself, and everything else will fall in its place.

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For more information on College Readiness Booklets visit the "Products for Purchase" Page!

For more information on College Readiness Booklets visit the "Products for Purchase" Page!