How to Find Community Service Opportunities

There are numerous ways for students of all ages to get involved within their community. The volunteer opportunities available to students encompass a wide range of interests, including animal care, providing necessities for those in need, or even building houses. Various sites and organizations exist to help connect service-minded people with great causes. These can include one-time events or ongoing movements. 


Churches often have outreach teams that find and organize community service events. Some churches even have opportunities for students to volunteer during services. 

Soup Kitchens:

Soup kitchens are a good way to get involved with a hands-on approach.

Nursing Homes:

Nursing homes may offer positions for students to volunteer, such as serving food or entertaining the residents. They also may allow students or clubs to be part of the home's holiday celebrations, which could include passing out gifts or singing carols around Christmas time. 

Animal Shelters:

Shelters and rescues tend to offer opportunities for young adults to work alongside the animals under their care. 

Charity Runs/Walks:

Many non-profit organizations hold marathons to raise money for their causes. These events are hosted throughout most of the year and are usually open for anyone to participate. 


There is always a need for certain items within or around the community. Drives can be held by local organizations, churches, schools, etc. If you are able and willing to donate clothes, toiletries, small gifts, books, blankets, or food, consider contributing to a drive. 

Here are some sites that provide information about local volunteer opportunities:

Habitat for Humanity

Hands on Atlanta

Books for Africa

Atlanta Community Food bank