Ali M.


"Mission: Scholarship not only helped me with perfecting every detail of my college applications but it also gave me the confidence that with a little help everything is possible!" - Georgia Institute of Technology and Zell Miller Scholarship Recipient Class of 2023

Gia Tejeda


"Mission: Scholarship has helped me tremendously! Sherrod and I spent countless hours at a local Panera bread doing thorough research on what schools were meant for me. We’ve revised several of my essays and extracurricular list several times and MS has just been such an awesome addition in my community!" - Spelman College and Brian Jordan Foundation Scholarship Recipient Class of 2023

Yaseer A.


"Mission: Scholarship is unlike any other organization I have ever been apart of. Mission: Scholarship strived to make sure I had the access to not only receive scholarship information but to apply and prepare me for the interviews which allowed me to be a recipient of such wonderful scholarships. I do not know what I would have done without Mission: Scholarship” - Bard College and Posse Scholarship Recipient Class of 2023

Victoria Ayodele


"Mission Scholarship has helped guide me in the right direction in the college application process & made it easier for me to obtain scholarships with the knowledge & information that I was provided. It gave me more resources than my school ever provided!" - Columbus State University and Hope Scholarship Recipient Class of 2023

Andy Iyabor


"Mission: Scholarship helped me tremendously with finding scholarships and the college application process. Receiving almost one scholarship remind everyday from the remind account was really beneficial!" - Princeton University and Ron brown Scholarship Recipient Class of 2023